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Cranium Kids prides themselves on being the best enrichment program currently being offered at preschools and private schools.  We are proud of our education based curriculum and our ability to teach in a way where students learn while having fun.


  • Within the Cranium Kids program students can learn important technology skills in our preschool computer program. 


  • They will build confidence and a early appreciation of music in our music and movement program "Cranium Composers". 


  • They can continue their learning at home with our software of the month program "Cranium Club". 


  • School age children can create exciting technology based projects that can be cherished for years to come.


We love to watch children grow, learn, and develop. 


It's up to all of us - including the parents - to encourage our kids to bolster their own personal development, independence and creativity. Because this cannot be done without the support of family and friends, we support the parents in educating their children and communicating regularly to parents.


Together, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead!