School Age Camps

  • Imagine a program that teaches your three-year-old how to use a computer.
  • Imagine a program that enables your four-year-old to navigate different software applications.
  • Imagine a program for five-year-olds which mixes computers, hands on science experiments, and crafts.
  • Imagine a program that allows your six-year-old to edit a movie they also starred in.
  • Imagine a program where your seven-year-old can build and program their own robot to navigate obstacle courses.
  • Imagine a program where your eight-year-old can add special effects to their claymation commercials.
  • Imagine a program that allows your nine-year-old to conduct and create music using a computer.
  • Imagine a program that turns your ten-year-old into a photographer, journalist, and editor of their own magazine.

All of these are possible through the Cranium Kids Camp Program!

Our camp program is a smart mix of technology, education, creativity, and fun. Kids work in small groups to create projects using laptops and smart toys. We offer age specific camps for children ages 3-12. Our camps include "Movie Makers", "Lego Robotics", "Junior Journalism", "Music Makers", "Claymation", and "Tech-Tots". Camps are structured in half day and full day formats. If attending a full day camp, you will need to sign your child up for a morning session and an afternoon session within the same week. Children attending full day camps will need a bag lunch. Camps tuition includes all technology, supplies, snacks, and supply fees.

Our camp program is mobile and can be offered at any school or center. If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our existing camps, simply click on the registration packet and submit your information.



Lights…Camera…Action! Using digital movie cameras kids will create and star in short films. Once filming is complete they will use editing software to cut, crop, add special effects, sound effects, and credits to complete their movie. Kids will work in small groups on projects and will be able to design a case and take a copy of their mini-movie home with them at the end of camp.  *NOW USING GREEN SCREEN TECHNOLOGY!

Kids will become photographers, editors, and reporters in this camp. They will use digital binoculars to take photos putting them right in the action. Interviewing other campers and staff they can write articles about "Kid Topics" of today. Articles and photos will be used in a magazine for them to take home at the end of camp.

Inspire hours of creativity and fun with this program. Kids will learn the technique of stop-motion animation to complete their claymation films. Combining thousands of still images, their clay will come to life to tell a story. Once filming has wrapped they will use editing software to enhance their movies with special effects, sound effects, background music, and credits. Kids will work in small groups on projects and will be able to take a copy home with them at the end of camp.

Using laptops and incredible music software kids will study different types of music and create their own compilations. This camp will expose kids to a variety of genres of music such as Jazz, Country, Classical, and cultural music from around the world. Understanding the different families of instruments, notes, tempo, pitch and beat kids will learn to create all types of music. Saving each of their creations, kids will take home a CD filled with their music.



Swim with the sharks, fly through space, be a superhero, run from lions!  These are just a few of the things you can do with green screen photography.  Children will work in small groups to choose digital backgrounds and stage their photos in front of green screens.  Using the latest in technology to stage, shoot, and edit their pictures they can place themselves in countless places.  Just imagain what your child could think of!!!  Children will be able to print or take home a disc with their digital creations.

Cranium Videos

The videos below were created by some of our summer camp students.  They have not been changed from their original content created by our students in a three hour mini-camp.  The students ranged in age from five to twelve.  The video named Rainbow Days, was created as part of their graduation ceremony from camp.  All of the students in the Rainbow Days camp are from homeless shelters.  The camps were developed to teach them the importance of education, self respect, confidence, and the value of a drug and alcohol free life.

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