Frequently Asked Questions

Our school runs curriculum all morning, can we have afternoon computer classes? 

Of course!  Typically a school signs up for either a morning or after-nap time slot. 


Won't morning classes be disrupted if you take children during teaching time?

If we teach Cranium Kids for you in the morning, rest assured our curriculum is meant to complement your teaching efforts.  We discretely pull the children from the classroom so as not to disrupt the teaching and return them when class is over.  Part of our expectations for the students is learning to exit and enter the classroom in an orderly and quiet manner.


Will the preschool be required to handle billing?

NO!  As parents sign their children up, they will fill out the registration form and include payment with the form.  (We accept MC, VISA, Discover and checks --but you don't need to worry about that!)  Each school will be provided a Cranium Kids folder to collect these forms, or any other correspondence.  The folders will be checked weekly by the teacher.  We handle all billing issues.

How many kids need to be signed up to run Cranium Kids in our school?

6 preschool aged children.  2 year olds (Tech Tots) can be enrolled after the six initial preschoolers.


Can a 2 year old really learn to use the computer?

Yes!  During the earliest stages of computer learning, we teach 2 or 3 Tech Tots at a time.  They share one computer with constant teacher supervision and learn important lessons together such as keeping their hands off the screen and keyboard, proper position while holding the mouse and how/when to use their "clicker finger".  One of our main goals in the Tech-Tot program is to help the child understand the relationship between the mouse and the icon.  We have many 2 year olds who have even moved beyond the Tech Tot stage and are using the mouse like a pro.  In cases where a two year old has moved up to preschool, we can adjust the learning level to accommodate simpler tasks such as "letter recognition" instead of "letter sounds".


What kind of software do you use?

We have over 200 titles; some of which feature well known characters such as Clifford and Dr.Seuss.  All are educationally rich and cover a vast array of subject areas such as counting, phonics, number, letter and shape recognition, spatial relationships, beginning addition, geography, science, patterns, music and colors.  These titles have been hand-picked by educators and contain no controversial material.  As students progress in age and ability their software will be set for higher levels and more challenging tasks.


Do the students sign up for a certain period or are the classes on-going?

Cranium Kids' classes are on-going monthly sessions (4 weeks per month).  There is no minimum number of months to enroll and no contract to sign.  If a family hardship or move requires a child to be pulled from the program, we just ask to be notified by the parent of withdrawal so we can offer this spot to another child.  Credit card transactions and billing will cease upon notification. 


Can a student try out the class first before signing up?

Yes!  Every 3-5 year old child will have a free demonstration class on the day you schedule with us.  Once classes are established, any new enrollees to your school can also have a free demo class.


What qualifications do Cranium Kids teachers have?

Our teachers will supply all schools with copies of their criminal background check, FBI fingerprinting, 1st aid and CPR certifications, and TB testing (where required by the county).  In the Las Vegas area our teachers will have their Health Card and Sheriff's Card.  All teachers will also receive ongoing training in CAI (Computer Assisted Instruction).


What does the program cost the parents?

$48 per month (select schools may have varied tuition costs based on the rental agreement from the schools).  We prorate tuition upon entering and leaving the program.


Are there discounts for the staff if we start offering Cranium Kids to our students?

Yes, all teachers will receive a $15 discount from tuition bringing their tuition to $40 and directors receive one child at half price.

What do we need to provide Cranium Kids if you come to our school?

One table, 6 chairs and an area near a power outlet.  We can hold a class in the lobby, the back of a regular classroom, a gymnasium, teacher's lounge or a large hallway.


We don't need to do anything else?

Nope.  There is no registration fee, no annual fee and no contract.  We provide all promotional materials including stickers for the kids, registration forms and parent letters with all the info they will need.  We just need a little space and an opportunity to WOW you!


How can we get started with Cranium Kids?

Simply call or email the main office.   We will promptly call you to answer any additional questions and if you decide computer classes for your preschoolers would be beneficial, we'll schedule your free demonstration day.  It's that easy!!!

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