How to upload our program to your school

If the Cranium Kids technology program is being offered at your center and you would like to enroll, please complete the registration form. If you are a director or owner of a school and are interested in having our technology program offered at your school please contact us to receive more information. 


We would be happy to offer you a free demonstration class for all of the students at your school.  There is no cost to the school or parent for a demonstration day.  Every child will attend a brief class, receive a "Today I was a Cranium Kid" sticker and a letter about the program for their parents.  In addition, we will bring a poster, brochure holder, and brochures to leave in your school lobby.  We ask that you collect the registration forms.  Once the program starts will will handle payment collection and communication with parents. 


We have limited availability in some areas, so please contact us today to schedule your demonstration class.

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Or use our contact form. 



Parent Forms

Go to our ONLINE ENROLLMENT PAGE to enroll your child.  Confirmation will be emailed to you when received.