Preschool Program

Cranium Kids specializes in the education and enrichment of preschoolers. We understand that technology will continue to play a growing and important role in the world in which we live. According to An Electronic Preschool: Pros and Cons Conference of the National Association for Education of Young Children by Marjorie Lee, "There can be no further argument; it is clear that the computer is a valuable addition to the pre-school classroom. So valuable, in fact that children exposed to computers will be better thinkers, more logical, and better able to write and compute." Computers have the ability to act as teachers with unending patience and infallible accuracy because they show no emotion, do not get frustrated, bored, or angry. Our goal is to use CAI, Computer Assisted Instruction, as a tool to extend concepts learned in the classroom. We use CAI to support math, science, reading, beginning phonics, logic, reasoning, and pre-literacy skills.

Cranium Kids offers a mobile technology program that exceeds national and state technology standards. The Cranium Kid program offers:

  • Teachers trained in CAI
  • Weekly feedback for parents
  • Age approriate curriculum
  • Education based software
  • Core subject integration
  • Education designed curriculum
  • Teachers provide background checks, FBI finger printing, First Aid & CPR certification, TB testing when required, and the COI (insurance)


The majority of technology programs being offered today practice a shared learning system and recycle software to ensure profitability. In contrast, Cranium Kids brings a computer for every child. Research shows that children learn best by doing rather than watching others do. CK preschool technology classes are kept to a small 6-1 student teacher ratio to ensure the best learning environment. Teachers arrive at their schools with six Dell laptops, with mouse, headphones, software, an education-based lesson plan, calendars, and report cards.

There are currently 5,000 educational software titles on the market today, and over 500 of them are designed for preschoolers. Choosing the correct software title is fundamental to the success of our program. We primarily use open ended software titles with skill sets so that children can set their own pace. Open ended software encourages children's learning through exploration, creative problem solving, and self-guided learning. Our curriculum is theme based and focuses on both education and developmental concepts.

CK teachers believe that parents and their children benefit by staying informed. At the beginning of each month parents will receive a calendar listing the software choices and each week's activities. In addition bi-weekly report cards with hand written teacher notes will be sent home at the completion of each software title.


*Tuition for our Preschool Program is $55 per month.


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Kinder Cranium

At schools offering private kindergarten classes, we are excited to offer our Kinder Cranium Program.  This program is an extension of our preschool program.  The software is customized to be more difficult for kindergarten students and will include a monthly keyboarding focus.   We have an amazing keyboarding program.  It focuses on traditional keyboarding worksheets and once completed the students will play an arcade like game using the keys they just practiced in the worksheet.  Our teachers can log on and check your childs progress by WPM, accuracy, left hand, right hand, worksheet, and by key row.  Every three months your childs progress check will include keyboarding information to keep you updated on your childs progress.


Please contact us to see if Kinder Cranium is currently being offered at your school.  We only need six kindergarten students to start this program at an existing school.


*Tuition for the Kinder Cranium program is $55 per month.



Cranium Kids has recently introduced our Tech-Tot program in several preschools and daycare centers. This program was developed to introduce two year olds to computers. Classes are kept small to ensure the best learning environment. Two year olds practice their clicking on education based software focusing on letter and number recognition, colors, shapes, sorting and matching. Children learn their basic computer parts and how to use them. CK teachers work with kids on a child's perception of the computer mouse, helping to understand the logic of cause and effect while developing their motor skills. Once a child has demonstrated they have the ability to understand these concepts they can be moved into our standard preschool technology program using their own computer.


*Tuition for our Tech-Tot program is $55per month.

*Only offered at select schools.  Please check to see if program is available at your child's school.


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*Due to corporate regulations at some schools offering our program, tuition may be different.

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