School Age Program


Students that have an understanding of technologies are becoming more important both in school and in the work place. Thomas Armstrong, author of AWAKENING YOUR CHILD'S NATURAL GENIUS concluded, "The computer has the potential to serve as a tremendous tool of empowerment for many elementary school-aged children. Children who learn best independently have the opportunity to teach themselves a wide range of school subjects through self-paced and self-correcting software programs. Simulation software gives children the opportunity to practice fast-paced decision making in preparation for the demands of real life."


Preparing kids today for tomorrow is our goal.  Our school age program includes diverse methods of CAI, computer assisted instruction, and uses the computer as an educational tool. We combine independent study on a computer with education based software to encourage self-guided instruction, team based study with two kids working on open ended software to promote peer teaching, and small group projects that use technology as a tool to inspire creativity. We diversify our program to encourage interpersonal communication, team building, as well as to reach more children with different learning styles. We know that technology can change the way a child thinks, what they learn, and how they interact with peers and adults.

 Our mobile school age program meets or exceeds state and national technology standards for education. We work on knowing the name and function of basic computer parts, operating and navigating the computer, keyboarding, word processing, graphics, as well as helping to strengthen subjects studied in the classroom. Our curriculum includes studies in math, science, reading, history, creative writing, and music.

Our teachers arrive at your school with laptops, mice, headphones, software, education designed curriculum, and smart toys. Smart toys are used in our small group project curriculum. We introduce digital binoculars, cameras, and microscopes to inspire creativity.

If you are interested in bringing the Cranium Kids school age program to your school or center please contact us for more information. If our School Age Program is already being offered and you would like to enroll your child please fill out the registration form.

"The day is rapidly approaching when the primary discriminator between the haves and have-nots will be the division between those who understand technology and those who do not. It will not be age, sex, color, culture, it will be technology."
-Dan Golden, Director of NASA